Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't know buddy , I haven't heard of it ????

O.K. , yesterday officially became the day that Billy was in EXTREME joy that he had twin boys , I mean he has always been happy (??)..2 bottles , 2 bums to change..2..2..2...2.., but then this day came ..the day that made it all worth it !

Rayce came home from school and said these historic, (well atleast to hunka'), words .

"Mom , I need to call Dad about something important " ...I gave him hunka's cell phone number .. and then I hear the words that I am certain are still ringing in Billy's ears like the "choirs of angels in the heavens" ..you know "AHHHHHHHH"

"Dad, did you know there was this thing called "MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL" it's on ESPN, can we watch it tonight?"

I just start laughing , of course to myself because Rayce was soooo serious about his TV viewing question .. And then I just couldn't hold myself back any longer I had to yell out so hunka' could hear .."Oh , I don't know buddy that could be a HARD SELL for your dad, has he heard of that show , does he like it "????

I am pretty sure , nothing could of been more "MAN-LY" than the 1 Man & the 2 boys sitting watching football last night for the first time !


ramsam said...

That is so cute! I think Mike starts to levitate right off the couch when the boys run in to watch a replay or catch the winning lap of Nascar. Boys.

And BTW~ I will support your James Taylor crush if you support my Dave Ramsey crush. We can be giddy together.

Jed said...

Cute story