Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love "Harry Potter" now ...

Imagine my surprise when I am flippin' thru my weekly dose of celebrity sleaze and I find this little "gem" ..(hunka', I guess these are worth my money , huh?!) ..(Click on the pic to enlarge and read)
I'm lovin' me some "harry" now..
Not that I didn't before , just didn't read the books. I love that "Harry" came out and said he suffers from this disorder !
Why you ask?
Because this is River's MAIN problem ,He is first Diagnosed with DYSPRAXIA and then his 2nd "Dx" would be Autism , although the autism part is very mild the Dyspraxia part is very SEVERE .It effects River's whole body , movements like skipping , jumping,riding a bike, to writing , & his is severe enough it effects his speech and coordination of his mouth and tongue etc...
It is not heard of alot and is sometimes called "Apraxia". It is so awesome when "movie stars" use their powers for good not evil!!
OK, their is your "River" lesson of the day .. Oh by the way , the Dyspraxia in NO WAY effects his level of "Smart-ness or "Handsome-ness"! :)

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