Thursday, August 28, 2008

I want to live on a ranch....because..

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.. because of all the open -space , that would be great for the twins , (maybe my house wouldn't look like a demolition site at all times)..
...because it would be so quiet at night you could hear the crickets sing & the skies so clear you could see the stars...
....because I could ride a tractor , wierd I know, but I have LOVED John Deere tractors since I rode my first one at my grandpa's farm in Albany, Oregon.
O.K. ...but truly, between you and me the real reason is ......I want my "MAN" to dress like this everyday ....
OH MY GOSH ...SMOKIN' HOT ...How on earth could you get anything done if your MAN looked like this coming in from work on the "ranch"..I think somehow the kids would never be able to find Mom & Dad .. (wink-wink)
..(actually I think I'm gonna' have to get Billy some wranglers and chaps to wear...yee-haw baby!! )

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