Monday, August 25, 2008

Im gettin' there ..Still kinda sittin' around ..

But I am feeling pretty good , I might even try to blow-dry my hair today ..Don't get me wrong I have washed it..just not blown dry :)

I will be back to work next Tuesday,Sept 4th .. ..Can't wait ( honestly ) I am NOT a "sit-arounder"

Well ,maybe I would be the "sittin' around" kind if I had friend who would smoke cigars and wear a big flower hat with me? ANYONE?..(just kiddin')


slytrifecta said...

You know Jeff has always wanted to smoke a cigar. You two would look very cute in flowered hats and a stoogey in your mouth.


ramsam said...

What if we drank our Diet Cokes through really thick straws (even thicker than McDonald's)... wait.... that almost sounds nasty.