Monday, August 25, 2008

With stories like this ..I should be able to do anything !!

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Awhile back , I guess it has been about 5 1/2 yrs. now , I found out I would get to be the parent of a kiddo with special needs . We found out River was not going to "snap-out-of-it" ( have you seen moonstuck the movie with cher, you know the slappin" part) Sorry I digress !..well, let me tell you it was CRAZY hard to deal with .. I don't even remember who told me about this Father/son team ..."Team Hoyt". It is about a Dad who has a son that was born with severe disabilities and was told his son would be non-functioning , never even be able to communicate in any way, well, he wasn't for one minute going to believe them , he believed his son could understand him and he just knew his son was smart deep inside somewhere , well , he was right !
He is an awesome Dad , google "team hoyt" and read more if you want to , so inspiring... Well, after watching their story I put on my "big girl panties" and dealt with my hand of cards, Infact , I embraced it , I want to be "Team Hoyt" .. This Father changed the way I thought of something ..I LOVE that , I love when just changing a mind-set can set you free...Free of heart-ache , free-of so many things .. This Father decided that he was going to have his son do everything he wanted to do and more , even run triathlons!
Just LOVE this Dad him!
And then to end this post one of my ALL TIME FAV-O- quotes and that is saying something cuz' I love so many .. It is by Collin Farrel , (speaking of his son who has Angelman's syndrome):
"He's nothing but a gift. He's, as far as I'm concerned, exactly the way he should be. I look around and I see people who move perfectly, who walk with grace, who speak with great diction and clarity and a great use of the English language and we're all miserable -- including me, at times!
You know, we want to be this or we want to be that, or compete with the man next to us ... and then I see this fella who doesn't move the way what's perceived to be 'normal' is, and he's as happy as can be. He's just brilliant. It kind of blurs the line between what's a hindrance and what's not."
Again...Just have to change the way you look at things sometimes..

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