Sunday, August 24, 2008

O.K.,It's official & other statements about life by Rayce

"It's official, half my leg is white the other half is Dark " ...(so sorry my son , did I never teach about a "farmers-tan" it also happens on your leg ,
"my bad "as a mother..hope you weren't too freaked-out ?!)

" Mom, I'm never gettin' married , I'm just gonna sit on the couch and watch football, drink Mt. Dew & get "Nutri-System's" delivered to my house so I never have to cook" ....(I don't even know how to start explain' this one ???)

"Mom, I am havin' all the kids in my class call me "KITTY"..(WHAT the"why Rayce ?..." because I just LOVE cats ..( well , ok rayce ,but I think you need to re-think the name and just becuz' ya love somethin' doesn't mean you need to be called that , I mean I don't go by , "Nordstrom's make-up dept., or Cheese Enchilada,or P.B. M &M's,or Cold Hard Cash" ...Well OK , I did go by HONDA GARBAGE for a short time , but I was 3-4yrs. old give me a break ??)

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Matt & Shauna said...

I totally love reading your blog! You are such a darling mom!