Sunday, August 24, 2008

Said with love children , with love...

"Little Sweetie"( pic by: Jami Broadbent photo)Funny quotes about being a parent:

..My husband and I are either going to buy a dog or have a child. We can’t decide whether to ruin our carpet or ruin our lives. ~ Rita Rudner

There are two things in life for which we are truly never prepared..Twins. ~ Josh Billings

Each generation has been an education for us in different ways. The first child with a bloody nose was rushed to the emergency room. The fourth child with a bloody nose was told to go to the yard immediately and stop bleeding on the carpet.
~ Art Linkletter

I'm sorry aren't there just days that you just have to laugh (or cry) at life ??
After I have cleaned up peanut butter that has been ate out of the container with bare hands and then the little sweetie that has P.B. hands goes straight to the computer and gets it all over the ,virtually impossible "non-cleanable " keyboard and then of course HAS to turn up the volume , because we can't miss getting P.B. on the speakers , C'mon now MOM!

And then after that "little sweetie" also decides that the rubber on the remote control , you know the the rubber dots that actually RUN the whole T.V., might , just might , taste good , well atleast, FEEL good in your mouth if you ATE them ! Yes, we now have NO workable remote , done, finished, NADA ..but River does have "rubber dot remote goodness in his belly",
But Hey, I needed the work-out , why in-the-world would I need to sit on my bed just clicking away , relaxing (????) . I am sure in the end River has done me (& my butt) a favor :)

Let's all stand up and say we love kids on the Autism Spectrum & their CUTE quirkiness ..O.K. well, I will think it's CUTE tommorow, right?! :)
P.S. With all the things over the years River has ingested I am startin' to wonder if he would ever be able to get thru "airport sercurity "
Can you see it now ...BEEP,BEEP, BEEP ..Is it his belt , his shoes , or the toys & electronic parts that just had to be ATE ???

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The Shumway Family said...

So I totally remember Dylan LOVING peanut butter. One time I looked the other way and when I turned around there he was hand in jar eating it as fast as he could.