Sunday, August 31, 2008

These are a few of my Favorite things (of course you need to sing like Julie Andrews while reading this title)

So I am gonna start a monthly post and it is gonna' include all of my FAV-O products of the month , because YA'LL that know me know I am a "Magazine "junkie"/ Make-Up "Junkie" / Hair Product Fanatic!!" And I usually try atleast a couple different products I learn about each month !
The fun is ..maybe , just maybe, I will have "free-give-aways" from the list each month ..I know call me the "White OPRAH" ..Sorry, no cars will be on list , Sorry :(
Stayed tuned for the list coming soon .. If you would want to be invovled in the "give-aways" let me know .. COMMENT, so I know if anyone even reads this crazy blog??
Would that be the funny thing .. No-one really reads this blog & I have no-one to give things too ?? I know I know , I went to therapy for this .. So I will repeat my mantra .."I am good enough, I am smart enough , and darn-it people like me "

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