Thursday, August 21, 2008

Warning Sappy post:and a Challenge

Me as a young teenager, not too "dark"...yet ;) ..Don't ask me why I found it "picture-worthy" to show a giant jawbreaker in my mouth , (but hey, more proof that the frontal-lobe of your brain isn't developed until your 2o's)
I have really felt like I needed to share this story , and since I have a blog now, what better place to share !! Most people that know me, know I have a hard time being serious, I don't think life is meant to be taken that way, or maybe it's if I did I would be in the "looney-bin, lickin' walls..", but I interrupt my normal "funny "Blog to bring you .... SAPPY..
You know how their are some people that come into your life and you know , you just KNOW that they were there for a reason ? Well, I have had a couple in my life ...The first that come to mind are (if your L.D.S) 1 of my Young Women leaders , and the other was a Sunday School teacher, and yes , they are both still in my life, crazy ??
Wow, one has especially gone out of her way to stay in my messed up ADHD ,wild , stressed-out , DRAMATIC life, by getting her hair cut every 4 weeks .. YOU GO NANCY , you my friend should recieve an award :)!!!

Anywhoo, the other one, Deb , I still hear from every Christmas, but I haven't actually talked to her in years . Out of the blue last month I get a letter from her in the mail . And because she is kinda shy , I won't go into detail what was written , but she ,in a 3 page letter , told me of her lives "going- on's" and how hard it has been , she has a daughter who has struggled with cancer and they have almost lost her a couple of times. She also told me that she had no idea how hard life would be and the trials she would be faced with , but at the same time , she wanted me to know how blessed she has always felt , and that thru it all she has always felt the love of her Heavenly Father. She also went onto say that she thought of me as someone who had "changed her life", Now let me tell ya , when she knew me best I was 15 and going thru my "dark" years , (if my parents are reading this , they are saying to themselves,"OH, is THAT what she's calling it now "..OK , I regress.. When Deb knew me best I was 15 and really going thru the "I hate everyone" stage . But I didn't hate Deb , I saw that she was shy and I guess I saw it as a challenge ( doesn't this sound like me ??) . I loved so many things about her , she made the BEST homemade oreo cookies and I lOVED the way she curled her girls hair every sunday , so bouncy and fabulous,I loved that she turned red when she gave a lesson ..So I told her all the time she was Wonderful ...How in the world did I know as a 15 year old that I was changing how she felt about herself??
SO HUGE ..such small things can Change others lives ! WOW!
I will quote one part of the letter , because this small sentence will forever be apart of me " I have always been shy , I struggled with self confidence. But you know, you helped me realize that maybe I can do some things, You helped me value myself , I am so grateful to you for that ".
How Awesome she wrote me this letter and told me her feelings from 24 yrs. ago , HOW AWESOME that she ,as a 20- something yr. old with kids at the time , was actually OPEN-MINDED enough to be changed by a 15 yr. old going thru her "dark years" . :) I want to be like her , always , open-minded to change !
What Deb doesn't know is , how she changed my life last month when I received the letter , how I have been struggling with my trials , and how I forget that Heavenly Father is still there . And how much it meant to me to see her strength and testimony on paper .I love you Deb!
I see all the time that we , we as friends are really HERE for each other, to get each other thru it all , whether it be letters or Diet Cokes trips or the "I need to VENT , phone calls.......
Challenge :Now let's all of us think of someone who has changed our lives and send them a letter , It SOOOOO makes your day alittle better, it makes life worth living !

OK , now back to our regular humerous posting......And if you read all of that post you really are my friend ..WHEW it was long & Sappy!!

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