Monday, September 29, 2008

Feedin' the "outdoor-siness" of my soul?

So the day goes alittle something like this :(Start Rappin')
Hunka says: "Let's go 4-wheelin' it will be beautiful , with all the leaves changin colors , and what-not"...And , yes it was breath-taking ..just look at this pic.

But what you don't see is Hunka trying to get one of the 4-wheelers started cuz 'it's kinda like "froze-up" is what he called it, well he called alot of things , but I can't write those words ..
So again ,.... it's goes alitte somethin' like this... (Start rappin',again)...the 3rd 4-wheeler never does get fixed & Billy almost rolls his 4-wheeler on top of him while drivin' it down the ramps was a sight to see.. my man put his leg down and in one "super-hero" type move threw the machine off him and back up in the truck...And let me tell you my friends ..these memories are what "fantasy's" are made of ..."OH, you come here, you big strong man"
Then we rode in 3's , yes, you read that right , 3 per 4-wheeler (cuz the 3rd one never got "un-froze". We got PELTED with bugs , dirt, coldness, that almost froze our NIP-NIPS OFF!!..(Let's have a moment of silence , just to ponder that)......
This next sentence should be said like a "valley-girl"-"WOW, that was LIKE a SO-TOTALLY -SUPER-FUN DAY, I SOOOOO WANT TO GO AGAIN ..LIKE MAYBE TOMMOROW.......NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is rayce eating and saying over and over and over ...There's bugs , There's bugs..
Rayce screams:"EWWW a black bee ..DO YOU KNOW WHAT BLACK BEES DO TO YOU ???
Mally replies:"What do they do" ???
Rayce: I don't know , but I'm SURE it'sWAY bad & WAY HURTS..., why didn't we just get a BOAT, that's seems waaaaay more fun. ( Mom says:"I agree my son , I agree") Yep , and that's Hayles tryin' to keep River happy by riding around in circles....circles....circles tryin' to keep the "need-for-speed-boy-happy"
AUTISM + 4-wheelin'+SPEED+ reckless endangerment=
the happiest boy in the whole wide world!!!!

Yes, this was me saying ....DIRT , DUST , GRIME , FILTH , BUGS , BUGS-IN-MY-TEETH ,DIRT BOOGERS-FOR-DAYS ...BRING IT ON !!! ( and also thinking..I am SOOO going to get some Nordstrom spending cash for this one Hunka!)

AND THIS MY FRIENDS was where my "happy place" was the whole time..pretend your at the Plaza , pretend your at the plaza.....


ramsam said...

I hope the bugs didn't get in the cheetos!

You are such a good rapper, especially for a white girl.

Anonymous said...