Sunday, September 14, 2008

I can feel it in the air..FALL , bring on the baggy sweaters,(yes, I can eat cookies again)

Some Huge things happened in the summer of 2008 ..Here is just a small

"sampling" of the events....

1-Mally was just trying to help her Dad , he didn't know it and a bungee cord to the eye-face was the result. I didn't know who to feel worse for ..her or poor Billy , he felt so bad. We were also way up the canyon 4-wheelin' when this occured, thank-goodness for a first-aid kit in the car ( if you don't have one get one, pronto)..We are so grateful(miracles actually happen to us , who da thunk it?) Mally still has an eye & her sight is perfect in that eye (again, miracle) ! She is just trying now to keep sun off of it so it heals , "nice-and-purdy-like" , but ,she kinda likes her scar in a wierd way , she had the name of "Scarface" for the powderpuff game at school , (way to embrace it MAL!!)..(You can see the "steri-strips" above her eyebrow & on her cheek).
2a-Rayce had Swimming lessons for the first time ( yep , I am finally getting the twins out of the house only took till they where 8yrs.old to make it bare-able) 2b-River didn't take swimmimg lessons( too many kiddos in the water for him) , but graduated to NO arm-float-ies in the shallow end and coming to "grips" with going underwater & not choking ..Huge progress,(starting to understand to blow air out his nose) ..No more CPR for us ..YEAH! ( J.K.), although he would nearly choke-to-death if he ever went under water, ..quite the scene if you were around us at the pool!
3-I didn't want to fill my shoes up with cement and jump into Utah Lake ..(another sign the twins are gettin' older & I am getting some sleep) or that the meds my DR. gave me are finally kickin' in (again,J.K.)?!
4-I touched James Taylor's arm hair & yelled "stalker quality" things at him..which in turn made him sign my ticketstubs and smile at me & probably be "smitten" with the image of my face for the rest of his days..) poor james, if only we had of met when I was 18 and you were only ...50, things could of been different.
5- Hayles left for College ...And hasn't been back to visit since ..(what is this a sign of ?..I am sure it has nothing to do with that even as a senior her curfew was still 11:30 pm.. And I am positive she is stickin' to that curfew even now..right Hayles?

6-And of-course the "GALL" surgery , but we have beat that story like a disobedient dog...( Of course, I don't beat dogs , just a saying..c'mon ya'll..)
OH , what a summer .....

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