Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'll see ya again next summer, until then I will miss you :(

I'm talking about Freckles.....OH , how I love freckles on my kids..little sprinkles of "yummi-ness" on their little noses and cheeks that you just have to attack and smother with kisses!!!(totally getting un-cool with Rayce)
Freckles are only brought out by long days of sprinkler-waterguns-trampoline~jumping--fishing-4-wheelin' adventures...(my very specific recipe for freckles). I wish I could save them & make them never go away, but they are fading so fast ..So, so-long sweet freckles can't wait to OBSESS over you next year.


sean said...

Marie and the gang!
ok so your boys are so cute especially that peter man norm.Love you guys!

Matt and Shauna said...

My freckles never went away!

ramsam said...

My little Hayden's freckles last all year. I call them angel kisses and I kiss his checks and wrestle him to the ground for a snuggle when I need some of their yumminess.

He absolutely hates it.