Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mally is FULL of school spirit ..Ya'll

Yeah, Baby that's the school spirit face, (I hope it's not the, Hey , cute football player,look at me , face)...
Mal is full of school spirit & all ready to cheer on the football team at the homecoming game!! And yes , that is paint on her legs, arms ..face...
Oh , to be young again!!
We should all start paintin' our faces, legs & arms when we get excited about an event....hmmmm maybe the next Macey's case lot sale, who's with me ??(especially if cream of chicken soup is on sale..extra paint would be required for that !)

*I am also including a video of Mal introducing her council at the 1st assembly of the school year, so that means the WHOLE school..( my camera died, so only have the 1st second) ..This girly has came so far, she used to be painfully shy ... So proud of her, she rocks HARD...core ..of-course said in a totally non-braggin' way.

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