Wednesday, September 24, 2008


OK , so don't you HATE shopping for jeans? I am just about ready to start wearing a "adult onesie"?! ( Hope I don't have to use the restroom while wearing this, can you just picture it, it's hard enought to tackle the spanx?!)
I mean how else can you wear the "HOT" jeans without your "assets" showing , cuz' ya'll know that the "modest cami's" don't cut it when the jeans only go 1 inch above your "assets"? It is SO hard to be HOT and not show what "your-momma-gave-ya" these days ..sheeesh!!!
Oh well , I guess I will just have to go find some "mom jeans" & a turtleneck..What else is a modest girl to do?!!
Click on the Mom jeans link(of course there is a short ad first, then the clip...:)


ramsam said...

The mom jeans video is so disgusting. Seriously!

I actually bought a pair of Maddie Big Star's this week (part of my anti-frumpy housewife makeover) and thought of you becasue of the cute jeans slash silver heels you had on at Macey's. I thought "I am almost as cute as Maire in these"....and then I paid cash for them. Yikes.

mommy4 said...

Okay Marie, That video was hilarious!!! I guess those would take care of the old muffin top!!! You and Sonya need to come see me... we have great shopping in the south!!! I love to read your blog--- what a beautiful family you have!!! Jen

slytrifecta said...

loved it!!!!