Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Awesome "flair wall".. I know , right?

I love Flair buttons on "facebook" ..I wish I could have each one made into a t-shirt and rotate wearing them,( kinda like the days of the week undies we wore in grade school , ok , that was just to all the girls that read my blog, boys disregard & if you did wear them , I won't tell, K , wink-wink..., now back to my post ).. ...OK, that might be alittle too much love, cuz I really like my other shirts too, but truly I think Flair buttons... ROCK ....HARD....core!!! ( take special notice of my "hairstylist or eye candy, you decide" one & " your just jealous that the voices talk to me " one ..they are both definitely T-shirt worthy) side note .. the most worthy is the AUTISM SPEAKS one , but I won't go "there" today :)

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Matt & Shauna said...

I love my flair wall!! I am totally going to post it on my blog. Call me a copycat!