Monday, September 22, 2008

OK, so have I told you I have an exciting life?

Yes , exciting is the word I use , because stressed, manic, hectic, crappy are ALL negative "feeeeeling" words , I myself, like to use happy, cheerful, FULL-OF-LIGHT words on my day-to-day adventures!
So when I went to get something in my back yard this morning and then LOCKED the backdoor , because I was going to walk around the house and then get in my car to leave,(cuz' of-course I was in a hurry to get somewhere)!, which by the way I put the garage door UP (thank-goodness I was thinking ahead).
Then only after I LOCKED the backdoor did I figure out the backyard gate had a PAD-LOCK on it(with the key in my "darlingo" hubby's pocket AT WORK in Lindon) .. YES, my friends, I was officially locked in my backyard :) how EXCITING!!
Especially since I was in a hurry to get to Dylan's school , cuz' it is picture day and I need to be there to sing his FAV-O "wiggles" song to get him to "smile purdy" for his school pic and NOT look like he just "smoked a crack pipe" , which is his usual "look" for school pics.
I hurried and called my BFF, Sonya to come to my rescue "please help me I am locked in my backyard " Sonya's reply , "Your What?!Hahahahahaha??!!
My reply ," Just walk thru the garage door and unlock my back door, please ?"
So invision it in your head ....BFF/Sonya's face when opening my backdoor only to find me , her BFF on my cell phone ....Singing the Wiggles song
" Fruit salad , yummy ,yummy , fruit salad, yummy , yummy,..yummy, yummy, yummy , yummy FRUIT SALAAAAAAAAAAD... trying to teach it to Dylan's teacher, cuz OF COURSE she doesn't know who the DAM( not a swear word without the N) wiggles are or any of the lyrics to their "FRUITY-GOODNESS" songs.. Yes , EXCITING !! That is what my life is!!!

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ramsam said...

The Wiggles sing a great song.. "Combing My Hair" that you have to hear. The harmonies are so TIGHT, the tune is great, the song perky and upbeat. I serioulsy LOVE that song.

You should play it your salon.

You can thank me for the ginormous tips later.