Saturday, September 6, 2008

Preachin' to all the girls ...

I had a conversation a couple months ago with my wicked,awesome friend for life ,Kathryn Warner,( BTW, she is famous musician/singer/songwriter, google her, ("google her" always sounds kinda icky, sorry ?) . She was our guitar teacher for awhile & also was the person that told me I had A.D.D,And that's a whole other awesome post ! Again, back to my post , see I am even A.D.D when I write , Kathryn & I talked about how you need "soundtracks" to your life , songs that "speak to you" , explain who you are , mean something , tell you something ..You get the picture :) ..I was listening to a song this week and I thought , I want that on my daughters "life soundtrack" ,I have collected songs over the years that say things I want to say to my kids , even dedicated one of those songs to Hayles in the back of her senior yearbook . Music is SO powerful, I think it can reach people in the worst times of their lifes when nothing else can. And be some of the best memories of your life, (there was nothing better than turning up alittle AC/DC, KISS, Def Leppard, Hank Williams jr, Cindy Lauper, Boy George, back in the 80's , fluffing the perm , pulling on the leggings and kickin' it to the Star Palace to "throw-out-some-brutal-moves on the dance floor, again I digress), OK, so , I was listening to this song by Kelli Pickler, "Don't you know your beautiful" , it has some of the best lyrics for teenage girls to hear, kinda a "girl anthem" , I am gonna go and get it at "itunes: and download it right now for my daughters "life soundtrack"..If your a girl.. go and listen to it ..It Rocks...HARD...core!
(click on the link to hear the song)

( BTW, Kelli,I would of changed that last name,but that's just me.. nothing against all the "pickler's in the world).
* Sidenote , And for all us Grown-up girls ..Go download "So Unsexy" by Alanis Morrisette for your "lifesoundtrack" ..totally ROCKS..hard...core, when your feeling fat, bloated & you've been stuck in the house with the kids watching Spongebob all day)!

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