Wednesday, September 3, 2008

These are a few of my Favorite things ( sung like Julie Andrews, of course , DUH?)

You know how it is the Little things that make life better, you know, so you don't get in the car and drive to Vegas and say to with it all and you change your name to something like " Harriet " so no-one can ever find you , especially people that want crust cut off their bread , or their juice alittle "colder"..OK, that was kinda a "momma's-gone-crazy-rant" , but this is a list of a few of my "little" things that keep me from "going-Harriet"

Superstay lipgloss , why- oh- why , weren't you invented when I was having my "make-out sessions in high school ? I could of "put-out",....of course only in the "kickin'- it -celestial-style-way", and still had AMAZING colored lips after?

Rolos , How do I express my love for you , your caramel-y loviness, your chocolate "domed?" cover ...Yes , It's true I might pick you over "the man"...OK , I wouldn't ,cuz you don't give "back-rubs" , but your a close 2nd!

I LOVE you, I LOVE you, Vicks Vapo rub ..It cures everything that "ails-ya" , chapped lips, colds , a broken-heart,(ok maybe-not) but your lips will be tingly goodness after your done crying and you put it on your "booger-incrusted-lips")

My leather seats in my car just makes me feel "richer & thinner" than I will ever be ..And at times I just need that!Thank-you leather seats...

Do I need to explain ?

Again , you do not want to see me without "paintin' on the brows" ....Would it freak you out if I told you I even use stencils to paint them on ? (lovin' me some "anatasia brow stencils @ nordstoms" .

I would like to say I watch the "edited" version , so OK...."I watch the edited version" .. OK I don't ..but I am STILL a good person , I promise!

Because you don't want to see what my "hair-do-ya-do" looks like in the morn', it frightens small children..

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slytrifecta said...

I think you are sooo funny!!!!! You are part of my morning ritual.