Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This weeks conversations at the VILLA

Here is just a "sampling"(can-ya-tell-I-like-that-word) of the things said at the Villa this week......
1-"You said we are going..who's we..ya got a turd in your pocket?"(hunka)

2-" No, Marie , No, I am no longer going to be your "BLOG BI-OTCH", your not posting anymore movies of me " ( but secretly hunka likes know he does, c'mon now?!)

3-" If I don't go and get a pepsi what else will I do ? What else do I have in my life?" ( this was said by : Hunka, which if you have seen his "hobby shed" or as I call it "his hiding from taking care of the kids shed)" in our backyard this should have you rollin-peeing-your-pants"

4-" Mom , I truly think I am diabetic or sugar -addicted, like something real... cuz' like I think of chocolate all the time.. Like donuts & cupcakes & brownies " (Mally)

5-" I have already gone 5 times this week to the store to get you rocky road ice-cream , now what are you gonna do for me" ..(Hunka)
To which I replied "Oh , honey just look at me ..all this make-up the hair all platnium blonde & "vicky beckham-like", the Fabo-smell wafting off my hot(all in the eye-of-the-beholder) body, the cute-eo jeans I have on,(spanx on of-course so no-muffin top),this just tight enough shirt, (that it shows what-ya-married-me-for),.... that my "friend-with-benefits" is WHAT I DO FOR YOU ".. Hunka replies .. "Oh , OK"

6- "Mom, I think we need to get to the store right now and buy my Lego set"
I say to him " Why , did you earn one already this week? ..(Grin starts showing) .." Well , no I was just seein' if you knew I didn't"(Rayce)

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slytrifecta said...

I am laughing, no not laughing, cackling!!!!