Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yep , I am TOTALLY goin' there.. which is totally random?!

Ok ,so lately politics does tend to come up alot on "blogs" I read and in the salon while I am cutting hair or what I would like to call "therapy for the soul". I do get asked.. Who do you like , who are you gonna vote for? Well , I do have to say ,I think , and this is a strong , maybe, "iffy" at best, That I am NORMAL.. with that being said , I haven't done alot of "in-depth" research, I don't think alot of us have.(well you probably have) We are too busy trying to afford gas & grocery's (amen, girlfriend) but this is what I know so far, mostly by watching 1 hour of the "today" show in the morning whilst drinking a yucky protein shake...
I know that everytime I see these guys at a parade I get a lump in my throat & I always cry "just-a-little"(inside joke) and I think of their family's and the sacrifice they have given. And that even if I am "a lover.. not a hater "and I am not a HUGE ol' fan of war,(who is) ..There is still a war being fought, so ya better atleast give some respect to the men that have risked their lives..And OH-MY-HE....CK , if you don't stand and put your hand on your heart for the flag & of course yell out to the soldiers like they are TOTAL "rock-stars"..& say"WE LOVE YOU" when they pass by at a parade..I am liable to come over and "give-ya-the-what-for". OK, on with "What I know so far , (which isn't much)
Sarah Palin : Has a special needs child says she is gonna' be an advocate for families with special need kiddos , (love that, plus she has some rockin' hair) Also , has a daughter who is 17 and pregnant , OK , I am the product of a teenage mother(I am adopted), and while I don't support teenage pregnancy , I do think I "ROCK-hard-core "(as do all my other adopted peeps, my brothers & Chris,to name a few).. so goes to show ya , mistakes sometimes end up being a person like ME ..I guess what I am tryin' to say , not judging her on having a PG teenage daughter.
John Mccain: OK, I have a little "ickiness"with him ..All I know so far , is he cheated on his first wife , me-no-likey-a-cheater, I know,I know I shouldn't judge him personally , I am "normal" and it just happens .. But I do know he is a P.O.W. which is saying something and I gotta give kudos for that & he is a cancer survivor, so maybe he cares alittle more about insurance coverage??...gotta' learn more about him...(and Hey ,Mr. McCain , don't make this face again or do the creepy "thumbs up" again ..K?) Obama(kinda like Cher or Madonna, I only think of him with one name, don't you??) : TOTALLY confused on this guy? All I know so far is that he had possible communist ties( "big-time ickiness") and that he ditched his pastor/friend of 20 yrs??(ouch!)But, he knows how to give a great speech, (talkin' bout' the convention speech, which I didn't get to watch cuz' I was working , doin' "soul therapy"..just heard it was good)... Ok, again I don't know much about him...yet
Why Donald Trump you ask , Well him and Sen.Biden have the same hairstyle!!! ("freaky-doll", again, inside joke) shawn..!!
*this is just a side note , not important to the election ...OK , I AM a HAIRSTYLIST and I do care about hairstyles and what it says about a person , so indeed it might be important to me ,( J.K.)

Joe Biden: Again , know very little , I do love that he was an awesome single Dad to his boys after his wife & daugher were killed in an auto accident. I have a soft-spot in my heart for anyone who has to endure tragedy in their life. Also, I think tragedy makes you a more compassionate, stronger person.
..But the hair!!! joe-baby???
OK, what I am really trying to say with this "random" political post is ...I believe we need to vote !!! We all need to be researchin' out the issues and picking "whoever" fits your beliefs/needs, all of us are different (thank-goodness), get educated and VOTE!!! I am really going to make an effort to understand what each person stands-for and what "works" for me....
Why a picture of Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carey you ask ??Well, I wish they were runnin' for office, She is totally burnin' up the streets with her "GREEN OUR VACCINES" campaign. Jenny's son,Evan has AUTISM and she is getting the word out that we need to get mercury out of vaccines! I believe that all kiddos are different and some can handle toxins and shots and some can't (like Dylan and Jenny's son Evan) so lets get all the crap out of shots and not take the chance!
I also think that Jim Carey would rock-hard-core as VP!! And, I totally think Jenny would have me over to the white house for "Mommy-autism-bonding-time" and of course her face would look "totally- hot" on money!!
Hey- you knew I was gonna' bring up autism in a political post ..duh?!!!


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sean said...

ok totally agree on everything you said! McCain is totally "freaky doll" worthy somethin goin on there that ain't right. And a good hair cut on anyone can make you instantly famous...i should know cause I get mistaken for Brother Pitt all the time! I seriously pee a little cause this blog is so fun!!! love ya

ramsam said...

MArie= did you know that only 16% of Americans actually have faith in the candidate they are voting for? That is so NOT cool.... what has me freakin out is the fact that BUSH is up there buying out companies so the Governent will run them (Fannie MAe, Freddie MAc, Top Tri Auto Makers) ummm.... that IS SOCIALISM.

I am not a happy camper right now.