Thursday, October 23, 2008

ARE YA GETTING EXCITED?? C'MON let me hear some noise?!!!

The FIRE-PIT give-away will be at 9am tommorow..
Get your SMORE makin' skills sharpened!!!
There is still time to comment so you'll be entered!!!


Cynthia said...

Can this particular pit be used for Starburst roastin'?

Wendyburd1 said...

Oh my gosh...I just drooled on my shirt....that looks SOOOOOO good...I haven't had a smore since my surgery!! That MUST be illegal...somewhere!!

Alberta Smoot said...

You know what I am REALLY excited about?! That you have a blog stalker that kinda looks like Brad Pitt. You know how much I love Brad. I hated when he married Jen. She wasn't good enough for him. Oops, back on topic. I am also very excited about the fire pit. And though I said I was too tired to kiss your ass in my previous comment, I would be willing to do so if necessary. Mind you, most of the world's asses I would not kiss no matter what the prize. But, you are looking pretty good in those jeans that keep getting looser on you and no, I didn't believe the whole "I gained 8 lbs over Fall Break" thing. BTW DC is a blast.