Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear April , This is what your Mom taught me

Dear April ,
Since it is breast cancer awareness month...
I wanted to let you know alittle about what your Mom taught me while she was alive...
1- That even if you have cancer you can still look HOT ..your MOM always Rocked-it.. She never let being sick get in her way of fashion.. When we went to buy her wigs together , she always got the SASSY-SHORT-HOT-MAMA one ,with highlights (of-course)!!
2- She taught me the finer-art of "turd-ice" , she was indeed an ICE fanatic, loved to chew it (still makes my teeth hurt even to think of it now)... she knew where the best ICE was probably in every town:)
3-She taught me that you can still have a sense of humor even at the WORST of times.. I'll never forget your strong, courageous mom was just weeks away from losing her battle and I was there with your strong, courageous, Gramma(sita)(sp) rubbing lotion on her hands -talking about her .. when out-of-nowhere your Mom pipes up and says "Don't talk about me like I'm not here " the true Julia Roberts, Steel Magnolias voice.. even being that sick she was still quoting funny lines from movies ..Your Mom should of won an Oscar for her performance that day:)!!!
4- She also taught me it's OK to be afraid of the unknown ..But at the same time accept it.
5- Your Mom taught me to how to a friend, a REAL friend , the kind that still calls and checks on you ..even when they have had Chemo just days before.
6-She taught me to LOVE MY CHILDREN with all my heart-might-mind and soul ..Cuz' someday they'll need to remember that when I'm gone ..
your MOM was one of the most amazing people I will ever have the blessing of calling a friend , the list could go on with what I learned from her , but you already know that . huh?!!..I still love to look at your beautiful face ,you look so much like her ..Oh , her smile , it was about the best around..:)
BTW, do you remember our "noodles & juice joke"
LOVE YOU , Marie
In memory of JOANN


Kristina P. said...

What a sweet tribute! Oh, and I'm taking your cupcake sign to heart. I just had two.

James & Prilly said...

Marie! This is the best ever! Thank you so much! I know that my mom would have been a HUGE Sonic fan - turd ice 24/7...she passed that addiction on to me. Noodles & Juice! I am laughing SO hard. How could I forget! Just want you to know that the noodles and juice lives on - with him, not me. And, BTW, reading your blog post about assuming LDS little girls...I learned a lot about the male anatomy and how things worked after a few "innocent" comments I made in your hair chair at one time. I will NEVER forget that as long as I live. PS I need hair help! You got room for one more client? Love you!