Friday, October 10, 2008

From bare feet , to flip-flops..have I earned "rubber-granny-gardening-shoes"?!

So you know I equate the journey of having a special-needs-kiddo with having to find your way down a very LONG dark winding road...And at first I was taking this journey bare-footed.. I mean I FELT every DANG rock.. every STICK... every un-even bump in that road , then after awhile you learn some coping skills ( the thing that helped me the most was this "poem" WELCOME TO HOLLAND).. I was totally getting into my "tulips and my beautiful windmills in Holland" and only maybe once a week was I totally & completely TICKED-OFF!!! that I didn't get to go to ITALY..Read the story so you can get my rant K?!
So after awhile I finally earned my flip-flops.. the journey still isn't comfy-cozy-UGG-boot -goodness, but you can't feel the rocks quite so much and you can't even feel the bumps or the sticks.. And I'm actually startin" to get out of bed on Sundays and go to church , which I am sure the "big-guy" is liking alot :) ..It also helps that one of your BFF'S husbands just became the Bishop cuz he totally -kinda understands that I wasn't "in-active" , just "sunday-depressed" , you know Sunday being the only day you CAN stay in bed and be depressed?! ..I was SO-STILL-ON-THE-PLAN!
Well , this morning my River got on the bus , (his is a long bus, not to be confused with the short-bus) all by himself !! He kept looking back at me , as if to say..are you coming?! are you going to help me ?! and when he figured out I wasn't coming .. he took off running the "freedom-from-my-over-protective-freaky-mom-sprint"( i know seems so small, but that's the beauty of my journey , the small things are like CHRISTMAS morning!! (try not to be jealous)
At that moment ..I knew I had just earned my rubber-granny-gardening-shoes.. I had an over-whelming feeling come over me that "he's gonna make it in this world"..
WOW, I totally think these shoes are gonna be WAY more comfy than my flip-flops..
I just can't wait till the days of the cozy-but-dang-ugly-UGG-boots!!
Those are gonna ROCK-hard-core


Kristina P. said...

Are we talking about Crocs? Please, let's rid the world of those horrors.

slytrifecta said...

I loved it. I got the "welcome to Holland" poem when my babies were in the NICU and loved it. I am so glad that the ground isn't hurting your feet quite as much!

I go to school and see really sad situations and sad kids everyday. It makes me think that our kids (yours and mine)will be okay. I would bet money that D-Riv is really well liked at school. He is handsome and loved. That is going to go a long way Marie!!!!

My motto lately "get that kid a good haircut and some nice jeans!" Seriously, it'll do wonders.

I think you are amazing and I love ya to bits.


PS When are you writing a book?

ramsam said...

Oh honey- you wear those rubber boots with pride, you have earned them.

I bet they protect your feet super good when you step in dog poop, which can also be analyzed in positive ways.

Just Me said...

I am proud of you Marie. I know how hard you have worked and continue to work. Letting go is always hard, too. I hope that this will be the start of many positive changes for you and your faimily!

Email me with details about the boys baptism please!