Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Go take your Meds!"

So, I guess I must use the term "meds" a little too free-ly...
Mally & River have to take Medication for their "gluten-sensitive-systems" and River takes some "remedies" for ADHD..
But I didn't know Rayce was "taking-it-all-in" and then converting it into SLANG???
We were all in the car yesterday after school and Mally was getting all-up-in-my-grill about how hungry she was and how she was FATALLY STARVING for a rice bowl from Hogi Yogi... When Rayce yells from the back of the car "GOSH, MALLY CALM DOWN AND TAKE YOUR MEDS"???? !!!!!

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Wendyburd1 said...

ROFL! This kid is SMART! Sweet!!LOL