Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He was INJURED.. injured BAD..& jiggly Cindy Crawford

These things are for NO other reason than to make you smile my friends ...
I wish I knew how to actually post the "you-tube" video , but until then "my fine americans" you will have to CLICK the link .. And a side note here : it does use the word that kinda rhymes with "Genius" (OK , that was a brain-strain this early in the morning..rhyming NOT my strong talent, can't tell can ya??!, but I have other MAD-SKILLS so.. I'm good, I'm good..) ...

I also wanted to post this picture because this makes me wildly happy ..I LOVE that UBER-hot-super-model-Cindy Crawford ALSO has ICKY-BABY-TUMMY-SKIN!!!!!!! OH, air-brushing is your best friend isn't Cindy, your gettin "jiggly-with-it" now aren't ya??!!
Love that I ,Marie, have the same tummy as a SUPER-MODEL .. I am pretty sure that is fitting somewhere on my resume???
Both things ,the You-Tube video and this picture were in a dead-tie in making me feel like the world was little brighter this morning ...SO why not just have both today ..I know you can THANK me later for making your day have little skippy-doo-da in it , (picture me...birds chirping in the background, skipping while eating a cupcake x-ta frosting)!!


ramsam said...

While my tummy may be a but more 'thick" (nice word for chubby) I do not have stretch marks or any weirdness going on, so does that make my tummy hotter than CIndy's?

I LOVE that little you tube vid! I wonder where that kid is now and what he thinks of this moment of fame.

PS- where are your cupcakes from? Maybe I should just make my own... I wANt oNE noW !

Kristina P. said...

This warms my heart. Just as much as the picture of Eva Longoria and her cellulite I once posted did.

And I want to punch Ramona in the face now. I've never had any children and my stretch marks have stretch marks.