Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love our little LDS girlies..

Little kids are just SO assuming ..(Wish I was the same, then I would assume that Mally was going to not sit on her brother and when he started crying for help ..I would of-course assume that she WOULDN'T say "toughen-up" and quit being a baby.. BUT WHAAAAT EEEVEERRR) OK sorry ..I digress.. Back to cute assuming little LDS girlies, So I am doin' my job at cuttin' hair-dos last night , (yes, I do hair if you didn't know)when the cutest little 9 year old girl says to her Mom .. "Mom I didn't know you could wear a tank-top dress to the temple,I want to wear one of these instead of the long-sleeved ones."
Her mom replies ,"Oh, honey you can't wear tank-top dresses to the temple..the assuming little girl replies " yes, yes you can this girl has one on right here in this magazine and I want to wear one like this ...As I turn around to the "horror" of the "major-skank-bride" pic in my Glamour magazine.. I make a mental note ..NO MORE SKANK mags in the salon ( GLAMOUR you should be ashamed.. but then I quickly re-think ,well how on earth am I gonna know what the "Top 10 things that will keep FIRE in my marriage or the "Top 18 foods that fight cellulite or what is"The bikini panic plan"?!! or most important how am I going to find "My sassy new attitude??!!"
I guess I will just have to ask my friends..(Violet, Amy B, Amy D... ( J.K.!!?)

I did love that this little girl just ASSUMED everyone gets married in the temple & I'm alittle afraid at the same time for her Mom, cuz' she wants to wear the tank-top dress..
OH, where are the dang manuals with these kids???....


Kristina P. said...

That's so funny.

When I was about her age, I used to think that Wesley, from The Princess Bride, and I were going to get married in the temple, because I thought he was Mormon. The only people I knew who watched that movie were Mormon, so I figured he was.

I was sadly disappointed.

Me said...

Funny! The Princess Bride is practically a religion of its own in my husband's LDS family so I can see how that was confusing.

We drove past a Jewish synagogue one day and my 6 y/o daughter said, "Is that one of those wedding temples?" It kind of cracked me up.

ramsam said...

What I am worried about is how are you going to know when it is YOU in the Glamour DON'TS in the back.

There I will be, in my clunky shoes and muffin top ill-fitting jeans, and I can't defend my self because I don't even know I am in there! Keep the glamour by your bedside. (If there is any room next to all the other magazines)