Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lovin' me some 17 yr.old casanovas...

SO, I swear TEXTING has created some very SMOOTH talking teenagers.. Everytime my daughter lets me read her text (yea, I GET to read her text, cuz' I'm cool like that) I think, WOWZERS, my hunk-a-burnin-love needs to take lessons from these smooth operators...
BUT the Funny thing is that when these "texting casanova's" come over to the house they all are the same SHY, nervous, sweaty-palmed kinda boys that I used to date??!!
So ya know what that tells me ... TEXTING is kinda' like equal to the "drunk" boys I met back in the 80's??!! You remember ladies .. the drunk guys were always smooth nerves, cool as ice.. well maybe NUMB & slobering would be better words..
SO, I just can't decide is TEXTing a good thing or is it like getting to know a DRUNK guy?
Cuz' when they sobered up they were shy & nervous & sweaty again too.
These text say things like .. your a little taste of heaven and smooth phrases like.. your smokin' hot ... YEA BABY YEA!!! (hopin' you can click on the pics to make them bigger, cuz it's good readin') *side note: on the flip side, she had one guy text her and ask her if she wanted to be his girlfriend this is how the TEXTing went down:
Stupidboy:" Mally , I think I want you to be my girlfriend"
Mally :" I don't know I don't really know you"
Stupid Boy:" well , I just need to ask you one thing"
Mally: " OK"
StupidBoy: " Do you Make-Out"
Mally: " Nope"
SB: " Well, never-mind then , Cuz' I need that in a girlfriend"
HONEST-TO-BLOG this was a true TEXT convo..
So I guess now you don't even have to date them alittle to see if you can get some action ..just ask them thru text and don't waste your time on the "non-putter-outters"


Kristina P. said...

Kids these days. At least they cut right to the chase!

ramsam said...

It's too bad I didn't have texting. I maybe could have been popular.

If boys would have texted 'do u make out' my answer would have been YES. Man, I missed out!

Wendyburd1 said...

Holy Crap, that's awful!! Creepy text! Maybe the lil Casanovas are just braver in a text...I am!LOL

sean said...

you tell these boys that if they touch her I'll kill em!