Monday, October 20, 2008


So, you probably don't know that my way-too-hot-for-words husband is a Kick-A artist?! I could go on about how is kinda like famous is certain circles but I won't go into all that "Oh-look-at-me-my-husbands-a-cool-artist-you-should-be-jealous-and-stuff-like-that" But I will go into that he's letting me give-away one of his WAY-COOL Halloween fire-pits..
of-course you could also BUY one ..(I had to say that c'mon now we need food too?!!)
So here are the pictures of the fire-pits ..Looks so UBER-HOT on Halloween night on your walk-way .
We sit by the fire-pit and give-out candy and the kiddos can get their little hands warm for a minute....Well, OK SO, we haven't done that ,BUT we totally are this year..
They look so cool with the cut-outs glowing in the dark and when your done with Halloween, you can use it in the backyard for smores & starburst roasting!
OR you can buy a Christmas one , we will have those as well,,(you could tell that was coming , right?..chestnuts roasting by an open-fire...lalalala)
EDIT: Billy wanted you to have more time to enjoy the fire-pit so we moved the Give-away to FRIDAY the 24th.. just leave comment and we will pick your name from the list!
Or of-course just buy one... only $35 or $35 dollars of family memories and fun .. which in-turn is PRICELESS??!!!(shameless selling stuff on my blog, I know,right?!
Buying info: If you want to purchase a fire-pit just e-mail me( and we can do any design you would like.. Billy has done ones with family names(great x-mas idea) any theme you want he can do, well almost, let's not get crazy!


Cynthia said...

I'm usually just a reader-I'm a little shy when it comes to commenting. BUT with a hot giveaway and all my comment is: You brighten my day with your humor and insight. You inspire me with your way cool mothering skills. AND your husband is a way HOT very COOL artist ;)
AND you are super HOT and SKINNY
(Is that enough to win?) ;)

ramsam said...

You already know your husband is high up on my HOT list with his cleaning up around the house and all, but this is too much.

Consider me ENTERED. And if I don't win the completely random drawing then I am coming over to BUY one, so he better get busy anyway. One for me.

Kristina P. said...

What an awesome giveaway! Count me in!

Amander said...

Definitely a fun giveaway! I am in too. Where do we buy these fire pits if we don't win?

And also, totally brag about your husband - he sounds cool!

Whitney R said...

Thanks for commenting :) And the pizza here really is good. I wonder if the place we eat it at is the same place your thinking of..

Probably not :)

I'm glad your memory was a good one! And that you happened to comment on the day you do a give away!

I love the fire pit!

Just Me said...

I sent you an email. Be sure to read it.

I think you should take a picture of the fire pit in use Halloween night! Way cool.

slytrifecta said...

I waved to Billy today and I think he thought I might have been smokin pot! That should be enough to get picked right? Or how about, I am trying to be a cool mom JUST LIKE YOU!!!! Now pick me?

Wendyburd1 said...

Ooohhh a fire pit cool!!! How do you roast a starburst?? Mmmm roasted marshmallows...haven't had one in YEARS!! That would be sweet to win!! Pick me!!

Alberta Smoot said...

It is 4:00 AM and I am tired so I can't think of anything sweet and witty to say and I don't feel like kissing your ass (though I might if I had more energy) but I want this cool fire pit because I would look so hot sitting out by it on Halloween with all my treats to give away and all my Mormon neighbors would be so impressed with how creative and motherly I was being so I am leaving a comment. Comment.

kmort said...


This is a good way to find out who is following your blog. Okay I admit it, I check every morning while I'm at work, it totally makes my day! You're so fun and crazy. And I do want one of the fire pits even if I don't win, they are awesome!!!!

James & Prilly said...

Pick me ! pick me! I need something - ANYTHING to go on my new front porch! Love it! Billy is awesomely talented.

Wendyburd1 said...

Did you make those smores on here...with one of these?! Mmmmmmm....okay great more drool stains!!