Thursday, October 2, 2008

Overheard at Church?

Yes , people I am trying attend if for nothing else to see all the sisters that only do the "front of their hair" you know the ones...The front is all nice and purdy-like and the back is like "flock-of-seagulls(80's band)-fanned-out-OH-my-heck-is-that-a-cowlick-or-a-bald-spot-don't-you-own-a-freakin'-mirror-fluff-and-spray-that's-all-it-takes-alittle-effort-c'mon-now?" OK, I will move-on....But sisters just cuz' the front looks "rockin'" doesn't mean we are gonna' forgive the back?? Of-course all said "with-love,xoxox"
I was checking out the blog
(thanks Janna, more of my day wasted to blog-stalkin.JK)
And I had to share my "overheardintheward" while subbin' in Primary (OK, it is really my calling I just pretend I'm a sub, makes me feel like less of a looossseer)
8 yr.old primary class member : I got baptised last week

My son: you did?

8yr old: Yep , and I got my name changed when I got baptised, I took on the name of Christ.

My son: huh??!!

8yr old: Yep , so you can call me Christ now if ya want too.

My son : OK, pass me a crayon, Christ.
(I,the sub,quickly put a stop to the new name , but not before telling him I thought it was an AWESOME name , but let's say it "HEY-SUESS", cuz' it just sounds better in public...)
C'mon now don't forget to put some rollers in the back..fluff&spray...fluff&spray...F&S


Kristina P. said...

Thay's hilarious! Did you submit it to the site? I submitted one about a woman in RS telling me about her brand new boobs. Fun!

slytrifecta said...

Please tell me you submitted that!!!!

Rico said...

We would love to post that on Overheard in the Ward. If you're willing to let us... send us a quick note to


Kristina P. said...

I saw it on the site this morning! It made me laugh again.