Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Run do NOT walk to the J Crew Warehouse sale!

I love the bloggin' world ..I was sitting doing nothing tonight..(why, clean up dinner when you can look at blogs) when I noticed one of my blogs had posted about the J Crew Warehouse sale at the Thanksgiving Point Barn.. Well, I was out of my "sweats-with-dinner-goo-on-them" and into my "I-paid-way-too-much-for-jeans" and on my way to the point of the mountain!
OH... SWEET-MERCY ...boxes and boxes of J Crew clothes , sweaters and jackets with labels that said "Cashmere" and "Lambswool" (I have to thank my Brother for my good taste in fabric) Mally even found cozy lambswool leggings..FOR- THE- LOVE!!!! mmmmmm
Well , here is my "armslength" pic of my FAVO sweater I purchased ..$5 bucks ya'll..And just think of all the use I will get out of it .. I could go HUNTING, be a ROAD-FLAGGER, Of- Course It will be my Halloween costume, all I need is a green stem on-top-of-my-head.. Money WELL spent..HUH.


Wendyburd1 said...

That IS orange!!LOL! But $5 and it looks warm and comfy!!

Kristina P. said...

I'm trying to convince myself that I want to get up early so I can go down there.

Think there's anything good left?

Amander said...

Love, love, love the color. Seriously. Plus, you are super adorable.

Marie said...

They said they were putting new stuff out tommorow(Thurs) ,but who knows? If you have time to DIG and dig thru the boxes I'm sure there is TONS of good stuff!
L, Marie

slytrifecta said...

I LOVE orange!!! That sweater is sweet. You look so cute.

sean said...

so ya know we are all fans of the arms length pic's of you and lets face it we all do it! "Now take your rig and go get us a deer!" I am a huge fan of orange and you will be the safest little trick or treater on the block!

ramsam said...

I was up in Lehi today and knew NOTHING of this sale. Boo!

I am not driving back. I spent way to much at the candle outlet.

Anywhoo- I love you in this color. I may come break into your house and steal this sweater.

Ninerjen said...

OMGOSH. My Marie. So many good memories. I am so glad I found you on Prilly's blog. This Is Jenny...the OLD sis. I think of you so much and need to visit my next time up there. We don't have Jo anymore, but yay, we have James, Prilly and Lucy Loo. You look great and, grown up. I am a grandma....eeeekkkk, with twin grandsons too. Miss laughing with you. tty soon. And , yes, great color. Jenny