Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Serious School Spirit - Will Farrell " Spartan Cheerleader style"

So, have I told ya'll my daughter LOVES her high school . and she is WAY serious about school spirit ..It is all about the sparkle , bling and eyeliner and have I said EYELINER (wee-bit-scary)?? and ATTITUDE BABY!!!
I LOVE this about her.. I laugh everytime she comes out ready for a game .. It's like a "Madonna Concert"!!
Mally, I Heart you way way way much, now go out and show um' who's school freakin' ROCKS-HARD-CORE!!!

But what I love most about Mally, is when I am having a "way-downer-bummer-crap-o day she will always say " Mom, do you want me to rock you like a baby" and then of course I say ..."YES PLEASE" and she rocks my troubles away..

*side note , Yes those are "cankles", not proud of it ... wish there was ankle-lipo???


Kristina P. said...

She's beautiful!

Amander said...

Um, those aren't cankles.

And your daughter is so cute. You posts remind me that there are NORMAL and NICE teenagers out there - not just the delinquent ones I work with.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

UHH yeah those are sooo NOT cankles...I have always coveted ankles that you can see a nice defined acheles tendon...I know I am weried..and jeeseeeee you are skinny. Your daughter is a cutie! Ahhhhh highschool...those were the days. cherrry

ramsam said...

as long as she's not flashing the 'gang sign' I am okay, but I was super duper nervous to look at her hands in all the pictures.

I love that she rocks you. Does she sing "I'll love you forever..." ?

That would be just too much goodness.

Wendyburd1 said...

She is gorgeous! She reminds me of Rachel Miner (a long time ago version) in that first pic! Awww she rocks's like that story they read in church...the Mom who rocked her baby and it ends with her baby rocking her!!AWWWW

Teresa said...

Hi Marie! I remember days gone by when coming to get my hair cut at your house was the highlight of my month. Now I can get a boost by stalking your blog! I can't believe your girls are so grown up. Time does fly. My almost-15 year old daughter doesn't have even half that much school spirit. However, she is a Springville DEVIL. I guess it's hard to have the spirit when you're a devil. I'm just glad we got away from Spanish Fork and all those gang-bangin' cheerleaders (ha ha JK!) :0)