Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shark tooth necklace..Makin' a living??

So , I'm watching TV with my way-handsome oldest son,(by 2 minutes) , and
a commercial comes on with a beautiful beach scene and a great lookin' million dollar beach home.

When this conversation takes place between Rayce and me..

Rayce: Mom , are we ever going to move?

Me: Not anytime soon ..why?

Rayce: well , we should move and sell all our furniture and our house and move to the beach!

Me: Where would Dad work? (notice how if we move I'm not working..sounds like a great plan?!!)

Rayce: (without a seconds pause) : OH, we could get a underwater cage and trap sharks , then we would pull their teeth, make necklaces and sell them..We would be SOOOOO DANG RICH!!!!
Me ..(making a mental note to self..."Sign this kid up for Donald Trump's apprentice show, pronto , OR better yet get him a book deal cuz' he's gonna be the first 8 yr.old shark wrangler !! )


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like an excellent plan. Maybe he should run for president!

ramsam said...

Well my kids would pay pretty good money to watch someone pull out shark teeth, so not only could you cash in on the necklaces, but you could put on a show, too.

What does Billy think of this plan?

PS- when are you going to blog about the SFHS cheerleading gang? I know you have aduaghter in High School.....

Marie said...

I don't know much about the SFHS "CHEER-GANG" I did hear some of the tale?Did you?
Mallory is on Student council, so out of her area of "in-the-know"??!!

slytrifecta said...

Two very good subjects for a reality TV show...Shark Wranglers and Cheerleading gangs!!!!