Monday, October 20, 2008

Tatoos & TUTU'S

SO, the fun-fall-break-weekend is over and I only had one crazy-melt-down-does-my-mom-smoke-crack-in-the-closet moment!! YEA, for ME!!
But in the end we all had sat in a circle and smoked a peace-pipe then "hugged-it-out" it's the Family way...(I refuse to let my kids be mad at each other...Let's all repeat:I love you sister even when you steal my clothes & my shoes.etc, etc,...)
We ended up doing the MOST fun thing ever and of-course I forgot my camera, but next year mark your calenders and totally GO to the downtown farmers market in SLC! It is a field-trip-of-life-lessons and great shopping!
You get to show your kids what drugs do to people, (it is in pioneer park& all that includes) & get Henna Tatoos..can you say "UBER-FUN" . Rayce & River got bottle cap necklaces & the girls got henna tatoos ...I know I'm a COOL mom like that..(actually I figure if I let them have fake ones, then they will never want real ones, not that they would , but hey , keeping all my bases covered!)
Weekend wrap up in pictures:
Carmel Apples..mmmmTUTU's made for girls fairy costumes, SO cute!Henna Tatoos with TUTU's..JUST kiddin', you were thinking, WOW, she is a COOL mom or WOW, she does smoke crack in her closet!..But you do have to admit this picture does indeed go with my post:)The girls henna tats were small and on there hands like this pic..(Hunka is still sayin' wash those off, I can't believe your mom let you get those..can ya'll here him at your house?.. cuz' I swear he is saying it LOUD enough )Hope ya'll had as much as I did fall break ..I'm off to check YOUR blogs and find-out:)


Kristina P. said...

Love the henna tramp stamp. I did a post about the Farmer's Market some time ago. I was up at the Gateway on Saturday, and I had no idea they still had it going on!

slytrifecta said...

Did you get those cute tutu's at the farmers market? I want one for me and Savvy!

Wendyburd1 said...

What does he think is wrong with henna?! I have had henna, air brushed, FUN! I even have a tattoo stamper fun.

I want one of those tutu's seriously!! Did you make yours?!

Mother Goose said...

woah, i wish I was there wit ya