Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is the life....

You know kids are so wise ....Why-oh-why do we lose our child-like ways?
The boys wanted to take a tub this morning , complete with jets on and bubble bath (who could blame them when you have Vicky's Secret Passion Pear bubble bath staring at you from the side of the tube?!!)
And right when the bubbles got at chin height and the jets were roarin' away.. Rayce yells at the top of his lungs THIS IF THE LIFE!!
It just HIT me... He was right THIS IS THE LIFE ... Simple things like a bubble bath, that you can try and drown your brother while eating bubbles and pretending to have Santa Claus beards....I know my boys are incredible multi-taskers.. their just cool like that..
SIMPLE things should make us happy .. I know ,I know .. I am the one saying nordstrom make-up counter makes me happy-like-prozac ..but I'm gonna try to remember it's the little things that make a life.....
Couldn't help myself..I saw the mud and I had to run and jump in it ..let it squish thru my toes..And then Hunka had to hose-me-off in the backyard( kinda sexy-right?)..THIS IS THE LIFE
First tomato's ever grown in our backyard ..Hunka tended them and loved-them-and-hugged-them-and-showered them with positive vibes....



Kristina P. said...

Those tomatoes look delicious!

And can I say that the one thing I hate about RSS feeds is that even when I delete a post that I didn't realize posted, and I had no intention on posting, there it is on the sidebar, even though it no longer exists.

I'm done.

ramsam said...

Muddy this healthy fun or a crazy fetish? Wait a minute....don't answer that!

And how do you get your pics and words separated like that? You are so much more advanced than I am. I need to learn this for my va-cay photos.