Monday, October 13, 2008

Thou shall not covet someone else's life thru blogging

OK , SO I am seriously making this my own personal 11th commandment.

You know those blogs that your like .."FOR REAL, you really MADE that dinner & played with your kids and your house is that clean in the background and you had time to blog about it" Or you CLICK and find on the next "covet-tess" blog a FULL size picture of the "blog-ess" in a size 0 bikini..of-course she is SWEET enough to add her diet tips on her side-bar for everyone who happens by...Side-bar this skinny-girl!
You see it just gets me all fired-up and not in a "pretty-I-should-take-a-arms-length-pic-of-myself-cuz-I-feel-like-I'm-lookin'-way-hot-way"
Another CLICK ..Oh, my,my is that a swimming pool in the backyard with a waterslide... and of course her dinner is made by 5pm and this "blog-ess" does her dinner in themes of the month to go with homework,moon cycles, solar systems,in spanish and french, her children are probably bi-lingual,( of course JK)..Oh, I didn't even check my kids backpacks for homework after school ???hmmm ,( kinda NOT.. JK)
So like in any good 12 step program..I will admit I have a problem..
1-I'm Marie, I like to stalk people's blog's with pictures and story's that are so fab-o it kinda-sorta looks like Heavenly Father loves them more...(you all say.. hi, marie!!)
2-I will not hate myself for doing this.."Marie , you are SO still a good person , look at ZOOLANDER on YOUR side-bar..repeat his message in the mirror."
3- Remember Heavenly Father does not love them more ..ok , maybe alittle but not ALOT more.
4-12 Only look at blogs that the "blog-ess" is kinda poor , and looks only kinda cute some of the time , she would maybe only take a "arms-length-pic" once in awhile and only if she was having a rockin' hair day, she hardly ever has time to cook and if she did she would NEVER rub it in your face by taking a pic and posting it ???WHAATT EEEVVV??.. and if she gets her gallbladder out , she would totally post pics of herself recovering from it all-nasty-like-on-lortab-in-her-rumpled-sheet-bed and if she does have wierd- crazy -fetish -type -stuff going on about an old bald guy that sings..I think his name is something like ....hmmm.. let me think ...Oh, yeah , James Taylor.. totally save that blog to your favorites , cuz that chick ROCKS...hard-core!!!!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Not sure how I ended up here..but glad I did...You are hysterical. Love it! Glad to know I am not the only overwhelmed mama out there.....cherry

slytrifecta said...

you know that there are some really cute BILINGUAL, phenomenal soccer playing triplets on Savvy's soccer team. And all I heard was look at those triplets...they are so amazing blah blah blah. They totally stole my thunder! Sav isn't so coordinated.

Amander said...

This post totally made me laugh. I could write the same commandments, except for rocking single chicks.

Kristina P. said...

You do know that you have this kind of blog, right. Everytime I see your beautiful picture I want to cry a little more.

Amander said...

I have to agree with Kristina. You look super hot in your picture.

And also, I finally added you to my blog roll. Yay!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah! Thae last 2 comments are funny but true. You're a hotty! :)
Thanks for coming by!!!!!

Wendyburd1 said...

HI Marie!! I LOVE this POST, it's so true. There are crazy ladies out there who make me think...gee it's good I'm still single with no kids...cuz I couldn't keep up like that. Makin' cute Halloween lunches everyday, craftin' things they can wear to school...the PRESSURE!! I like me some abnormally fun chicas. So STALK by any time...I am SO not a size 0...yeah keeeeeepppppp going! And I puts on all nice makeup and only then will take pictures of myself...cuz who can look good every DAY??!!

Mother Goose said...

i am MG and I am going to stalk your blog! I just recently found ya