Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yep . it's still the same..stolen clothing

But now I just find-out about it on facebook?!
I am checking on my 18 yr.old ( you know the one that says I'm 18 yrs. old now Mom...I think I know THAT!!!!) -(totally said with love , hayz..kinda)
BTW , Mom's of college kids , facebook tells you alot about your away from home kid..sometimes I just shudder and look away!! WHY , was this picture posted?..nice bum.. where ya from? (just helping the college boys with pick-ups lines)

I found out tonight that she does indeed eat, looks like a balanced meal, Food and CELL-PHONES.
and she likes to dress like a "gangsta" at dances
and that she has STOLEN my green shirt.. to think I spent a hour looking for it last week ..OH WELL , it truly looks better on her anyways,what the was I thinking buying something at Hollister?!! , they only have Barbie doll sizes ,Seriously, there clothes could fit on a barbie doll , especially after a trip to the dryer!
Love ya HAYZ!!! ..BTW,you can keep the shirt:)


ramsam said...

I thought Hollister was for midgets when I went in there. It scared me and I ran out.

And I think your college gal better watch out- there are spiders about to eat her potatoes.

Kristina P. said...

First, great job on the surrepticiousness. (What was I thinking trying to spell that word?)

Second, how in the hell are you old enough to have a daughter in college?