Monday, November 3, 2008

Mary-Jane or Potato's??

So, I was retrieving my phone messages this morning and this one kinda caught me off-guard...The message went alittle somethin' like this:
"Billy we have harvested and did you want 50 pounds or 100 me"
O.K... So I'm thinking hunka-hunka- burnin'-love has totally lost it and is starting to have an affair with "Mary-Jane"..after all we are having a daughter turn 16 and the twins baptism ALL on Saturday and don't for one minute think I didn't place a call to my doc for a script of Valium..Sometimes thinking about your "happy place" doesn't cut-it, you have to pick your happy place up at Macey's pharmacy and wash it down with a diet coke from sonic...(of-course JK,..kinda)
MUCH to my relief our "CRAZY-A-LIFE" hasn't led him down the path of darkness or away from the golden-rod...YET.. it was a message about POTATO's ... Now NOT only am I gonna need Valium ...I'm gonna need Oprah's new diet plan to get off all the pounds from the CARBS!

NOPE to DOPE.....


Kristina P. said...

My first train of thought tends to go to drugs too.

And I love the new header!

Jen R. said...

Just say no!

Mommy Madness said...

That's hilarious!....Just say no!;)

LaDawn said...

My family can go through 100 pounds in no time.

Potatoes, that is, they like potatoes!

Rychelle said...

pot or POTatos.

tough choice. ;)

just kidding, of course.

not tough. choose the pot.

just kidding, again.

or am i?!?


sorry, i crack myself up!

slytrifecta said...

Is that how I get to my happy place?

Dads(2) said...

wow, you could of made some MULLA!

ramsam said...

when you are done with the potatoes stop by. i have a lot of chocolate cake left!

(ps- don't cry at the baptisms like I always do! Or if you do, make sure to wear water proof mascara!)

Wendyburd1 said...

mmmmmm potatoes

sean said...

so first problem....hope that isn't a picture from a family vacation to the weed farm! 100lbs of potatoes!!!!unless y'all are really into some baked potato bar on the beautiful granite I wouldn't be getting a hundred lbs. the twins are being baptized!!!!? wow baby gotta go get some botox cause dang I'm OLD!

Just Me said...

Email me with details about this weekend.