Saturday, November 8, 2008

No Valium needed fishnets(bonus)

Baptism Day..
River already signing "all-done" 5 minutes into it.. and to tell you the truth I was totally with him ..JK:) And let's not even get started with Hayles coming home from college with a black piece in her hair and "henna tatoos" soon it will be sumer and you will be living with me again..."maawaaahaaa".....was that a good- witchy-like-scary-voice? JK ..I love ya beautiful girl:) All my "peeps" love everyone one of them.. Who needs Valium when ya friends like mine..My possee just has my back, I swear how did I get so lucky to have friends like I do?? It must be that I am so incredibly witty...They just keep coming back for more of my "witty-banter" ...O.K. maybe not ..but even if it's out-of-pure-pity..I'll take it , that's how I roll..on the ......humble-wagon.
SO, My boys finally got baptised and they did awesome!-Riv even did OK.. he was alittle Freaky-coal-madina at times, but all-in-all my kiddo-rocked-it-hard-core(autism will NOT define this boy) Especially if he had his Sleeping Beauty book.. he is TOTALLY crushin' on that chick..
Rayce was all in it for the CTR ring...which he quickly decided against upon seeing a Webkins at the store.. Hey, he did a great job today .. he didn't say anything too LOUD, like when he mentioned(screamed) that he thought the white jumpsuits were totally-gross?!! So after NOT saying that too loud I am pretty sure he deserved a WEBKINS!
So, not to get all sappy-like ...It events like this in your life that you look around the room and see all your closest friends and family and you realize..Blood ain't nothing baby ...these guys are all my "peeps"
Family-friends the line quickly blurs and they become one-in-the-same..I am so blessed to have such a awesome-talented-goodlooking-new canon-rebel-worthy-of-picture-taking bunch I like to call mi familia...And as the added BONUS.. when I went to find my black tights they were nowhere to
be found,so no-problem-o.. I just borrowed Mally's black-fish-net-tights from her halloween costume. I KNOW it lightened the mood and helped the speakers..cuz' i just sat on the front row and crossed my legs and let the GLORY of the fishnets do there trick... smiles were on the faces of all who spoke :) ..anything for my friends.... It's- how-I-roll
And BTW some of these pics were not *approved* by my peeps If I have a couple less peeps after this post .. it is all worth it cuz' their like "mastercard-priceless" and Hey,my charm will bring them back ..don't ya think?
The glorious fishnets
My BFF violet.. who was the first to notice the fishnets and almost lost her place in her talk ...sorry , they were a little distracting huh?
Amy and the awesome Bish.Bowman..Amy you definitely need to try out for "america's next top model ..hello???My sister-from-another-mister, Steph..who I wouldn't be who I am today without her love and support...OK, I was kinda trying out my Oscar speech..yep it sounded good...
John B. ..We love ya!!
Crazy D...your the best.. thanks for taking River on a "jog" before the big event :)Carol..Happily-Ever-After..hahaha Side-notes..AWESOME piano playing by Tanner (I think he may be famous one the new John Tesh..but not creepy)..My Dad & Mom ..Who I seemed to not get a great pic of..SORRY!..We still love ya like we love ROLO'S and that's ALOT....


Kristina P. said...

Love the new header picture!

And I LOVE fishnets. In fact, I need to replace my black ones, because they have a large hole in them.

Wendyburd1 said...

Awwww yay for baptism!! I like the black hitting!!

Amander said...

I'm so glad it went well! I was thinking about you yesterday.

And I'm pretty sure people don't like you just because your witty. It's because you are witty AND pretty. And because you flash fishnets at inappropriate times :)

Teresa said...

I can't believe your boys are eight. I guess I didn't realize they were about the same age as my little boy Jaymon. He will be eight at the end of December. I am going to plan now to wear fish nets to the baptism :0)

I also want to tell you that the only time in my life I actually liked my hair was when you were cutting it. Spending a couple of hours getting a weave and a cut was like therapy. I'm glad I can now hear about your fishnet stories at the click of a button.

Jen R. said...

Family picture at the top is gorgeous! Congrats on the baptism! Happy day! I can't even imagine how that will be...I'm going to cry when my little girl turns one in january. Time is going sooo fast!

mommy4 said...

Love the fishnets... did you borrow them from Sonya? Sounds like a great weekend for you and your gang... your gonna love the Rebel!!!