Sunday, November 9, 2008

Witty comment award of the week ...Drumroll

JEN !!!!!!
You don't even know how funny that is..Sonya having Fishnets!!!(but hey, one never knows, hmmmmmmmm)


mommy4 said...

I am honored!!! I was gonna ask if you borrowed them from Ronda or Freda (I've seen both in Fishnets at church) but I thought borrowing them from Sonya was funnier... we both know that will never happen!!!l Gotta love Violet!!!

Marie said...

OMGosh...Now I think this might be the funnier comment!!!!!! My fishnets had glitter all over them from Mally being a "fairy" on halloween ..pretty-much had glitter all over the chairs at church, next time I need some that are "glitter-free" I will call Ronda...hahahahaha
Love ya , Marie