Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I SO need a "girls-night-out"

You know it's time to have a "mommy-time-out" when even the sound of your kids chewing their food makes you want to pound a screwdriver into your temple...you know the soft-spot on the side of your cranium? (even if ya love em' more than life...there's those days & it was just a holiday weekend,spent with extended family..HEY, maybe that's the problem...JK!)
And then to TOP it off I received my first "NEIGHBOR-GIFT" tonight!!!
OH, the pressure is ON....how can people be that organized to already have the neighbor's gift ..bought , wrapped and delivered?
For-PITY-SAKE..I just found out I had a varicose vein...Yep, I haven't shaved my legs in so long(who-has-the-time).. I didn't know the blue-line-of-you-officially-have- sucky-looking-legs was under all that leg hair..
Of-course ...I don't have ANY UGLY friends ...so we would have to invite some strangers....but Hey, if it makes us girlfriends look better ..girls-gotta-do-what-girls-gotta-DO"


rychelle said...

move to vegas. you'll never have to speek to your neighbors let alone buy them gifts.

also, it's a great place for a girls night out!

ramsam said...

I'd love a girls night of cake and venting- but it would have to be late I am so jam packed now...you know how it is...

but I could look ugly when I come if you want. It is very easy for me to do!

Wendyburd1 said...

i need a good nite out...although being sick would ruin it anyway *hack*