Monday, January 5, 2009

Addicted to old office supplies???

I have loved creating things that use pictures and "vintage" things I find at antique stores..little bits of "crap-itty-old-stuff".. I think I am addicted to old office supplies & papers ..and let's not even start with old silk ribbon, still on the spools ..I swear show me some old staplers and embossers or old milk pogs,bottle caps, stamps, ledgers, ribbon ..and I have to come home and take a cold shower...well, that is if HUNKA' isn't home, if he is home, then he gets VERY lucky....(wink-wink)
SO, imagine my squeals of delight when I found a "Scrapper" who makes kits that have old vintage paper and buttons and "what-nots" in them...
These are some fun things I did with one of her kits....LOVE THIS LITTLE PROJECT(photo-cards/strips)..remembering fun family times!
Funny enough , one of her kits came with old movie tickets from a theater in Albany,Oregon. It just happened to be the only theater in my Dad's small home town, it was torn down awhile back ..He was so excited to see the tickets from his childhood, they brought back some good memories of going to the movies as a small boy...he thinks the tickets were from around the early 60's,..(of-course I gave them to him)
Small world huh?!!!


Kristina P. said...

You are so creative! I am in awe.

Amander said...

Sort of jealous of your mad skillz.

I can barely glue a movie ticket stub to the page without having part of it stick to my hand.

ramsam said...

The stuff is very cute, but I promise, I would have just slapped it on the same way I do every other page.

I am going to make someething funky and fresh (well, it won't be fresh to you) so thank you so much for posting this !

I *heart* your brain

Marie said...

Ramona dear...
I have seen your charms & I couldn't make those!!
I use paper and you use glass!!
Your so creative as well, so there!

Mary said...

Very cute!! I have made some great scrapbook pages...but only when I am with my friend V. It's like I need her around or the project turns into crap.

trash talk said...

I'll keep my eyes open for you some more crappity stuff when I'm looking for my daughter. Like I said I can't even use Elmer's glue much less anything else but I love looking at others art. Debbie

Crispy-Fur said...

Them there bingo cards are awesome.
I know exactly where to take you pilfering... um, shopping....if'n you ever get up in these neck o' the woods.