Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random facts for the week..

Random Facts:
1- I like to take turns taking showers in all 3 of my bathrooms...It feels like I'm on vacation (sorta)..cuz' all the shampoos are different in each one....
2-Rayce ATE catfood yesterday and told me he LIKED it ..but it had a "fishy" aftertaste???? I wonder if it says that on the packaging??
3-SUNDANCE is my all time Favorite place to go and eat...(I really don't love the food, it just makes me feel like I am on vacation & it smells like camping without the bugs..BONUS!)
4-I LOVE brownie batter with no eggs added(yuck)and will eat it ONLY with a wooden spoon....Did this last night...yumm-o!(spinning starts tonight,I HAD to CARB-UP???!)
5-Our Chiropractor..(yes,I just said that),I LOVE him...always has jeans on that have a dirty butt....so sometimes when we watch bullriding(yes,I LOVE bullriding) we all laugh when they show the cowboy's dirty butts and say "they must be Chiropractors on the side"
6-Parent-teacher conferences are this week and they make me break-out in hives...Last time Rayce's teacher told me that he said he was feeling "ELDERLY" that day that is why he was doing his work so SLOW?????(good thing I volunteer once per week, or she might "peg-him-as-the-ONE-with-crazy-parents???"

7-I want to go on VACATION!!!...so does RIVER...Can you tell by this picture?


Amander said...

I got distracted at brownie batter - yum! Although I eat mine with the eggs - no problems yet ;)

Mommy Madness said...

Showers in different bathroom? I gotta try it!:)

sean said...

i THINK NUMBER 7 IS A MUST!(especially after you cut my hair and not before) I hope that the brownie wasn't "dinner" and I think we all deserve a "Ruby D" moment now and then(and don't think that I'm not trying to figure out how to spell Ruby D with a backwards "D"-thanks for the laughs and the therapy!

Wendyburd1 said...

I WISH there were 3 bathrooms with showers in my house! I would stake a claim on ONE and it would be clean at ALL times!!

ramsam said...

Last SEP I was just a hot mess- remember my blog? I got all sorts of helpful hints....I am so anxious to see what this time around brings. I really hope that little guy has figured it out!

I love brownie batter, but eat it with eggs so I can be like a bodybuilder. And I wish I had more showers.....only ONE in this house. (yes, I am taking sympathy calls at this time)