Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WINNER, WINNER, Chicken Dinner

I, me, moi, actually won something!!
And it's WAY -TOO-CUTE-FOR-WORDS....(your gonna like TOTALLY want one, not to make ya jealous or anything)!!
Go check out SHERRY's Blog @ http://glamarellajunk.blogspot.com/
and see what I won!!!
Thanks again Sherry!!!!!!


ramsam said...

It is so so cute, and such a cute blog, too. Don't wear it to basketball or I will throw a ball at your head and rip the shirt off and steal it.

Sorry.......I am having a bad day ;-')

Marie said...

Ramona, ok, I am laughing so hard...just picturing a mom-fight at the B-Ball game , not between us, of -course..but it could totally happen!!those are some duded-up gals, heck, I only am dressed up cuz I work on Saturdays or I would be in PJ's!!! Hope your day goes better!!!

Glamarella Junk-Sherry said...

Okay... now I'm laughing!!!!
You two are my Kind-a-Gal's!!!!

Wendyburd1 said...

Yay Marie!! Way to go, it is cute!

Amander said...

No only did you win - you won something super cool!

Ally in Wonderland said...

aaaaaaaaaaand you won an award on my blog!! Holy Monkeys! What's next? Perfection??? I think so!!!

rychelle said...

lucky ducky.

delighted heart said...

How cool...You are going to look smokin in it! That blond hair of ours and all! I've seen her gorgeous slips before...they are beautiful! Stop by today...I got a little giv-a-way going on...an amazing book I've just read. Leave me a comment and I'll put your name in the hat. You will have to model the slip for us when you get it!
Bless Ya!