Saturday, March 28, 2009

I just {might} be a photographer one day..

Have I told ya lately how much I {heart} her..Even though it scares her at times!! She is the BEST teacher EVER..after she has her baby boy..and starts another class (please, Jami have another class) you'd be crazy not to take it !!!
Here was our last day ..we learned outdoor lighting and posing..
I also shared tips with my fellow students about SPANX...and told some "off-color" stories about my past...Yep, PAR-FOR-THE-COURSE for me, all my friends are shaking their heads...My humor is an "acquired-taste" LOL!!
YES, my AWESOME daughter, MAL, was the model for our last class...And YES, I took these pictures...can you believe it ...cuz' I almost can't!!!
All the class crowded around MAL...She was a ROCK-STAR for the day...followed by her own little "Jami Broadbent photoclass" Paparazzi..all yelling " Mal look over here" ..Mal look here" it was so much FUN for her!!