Sunday, March 8, 2009

Totally selfish post...

Joshua James makes my heart happy..I am putting on some video I took at last nights concert just so I can click on it and watch it whenever I want( Selfish, huh?!)...You can click and watch too, maybe he can make you happy!

As Joshua would say.....

"Sing Songs...Write Words.....Learn LOVE..."


videoOr as Joshua would say..."I am totally gonna crowd surf..I am , I'm gonna do it, so don't drop me..I tried to crowd surf at my last concert in Rexburg,Idaho and they dropped me and I cut a girl with my guitar, So I'm gonna put my guitar down and please don't drop me, cuz' sometime in the middle of this song I'm coming out there..." video

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Just Me said...

What a nice voice he has! I can see why you all enjoy him so much! Just thinking of you and hoping that everything is going great for you all!