Sunday, April 19, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAY..Dear Carol..."best-sis-in-the-world"

Thank-You for letting me have sleep-over's at your dorm when I was 10yrs old and you went to BYU, Thank-You for taking me the the Rolling-Scone to eat on those magical weekend's...Thank-You for singing with me at all the family events...Thanks for teaching me my ALL-TIME favorite song.."THE CRUEL WAR"..yes, it is a weirdy, war ballad, but who cares???? Thank-You for playing "this diamond ring" by, Jerry Lewis and the Playboys when we were in your car and I asked , like ALL-THE-TIME,over and over, and over..Thanks for letting me sing "PUPPY-LOVE" into your curling-iron,(pretend-mircrophone) and if I couldn't find that , thanks for letting me sing into your thumb as you held it up.... so it was like a microphone...Thank-You for NOT getting MAD that I posted your High-school grad pic..(but you know I LOVE it....)
THANK-YOU for too many things to say THANK-YOU for....I'm "misting- up" writing this so let me be done and just say ....


Have the best day EVER!!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday Carol! You really are the Best sis in the world to have done all this for a little sister! I want a sis!~

Just Me said...

Thank you Marie! You are a sweetie! Love you lots!