Friday, April 24, 2009

PROM just might make me "Thelma& Louise" it over the cliff

Prom is TOMORROW and it is like getting your child ready for their "mini-pretend-wedding" in my small town...Oh, we promenade like debutantes down at the high-school...Yes, we announce their names and they walk out and wave to the crowd!! I usually make a scene and scream like paparazzi " LOOK over here...LOOK this way...Bend and Snap...OK, now pick her up and spin her around...WORK-IT, WORK-IT" ....Well, maybe I don't say all of those things, BUT, I have been told they WARN their dates about what their MOM ...MAY or MAY-NOT scream as they walk out onto the stage..!
SO today I will be like the little mice on Cinderella ...getting glass slippers and pearls and ribbons...VODKA ...OK, not VODKA,(why or why can they NOT come up with a "magic-mom-stress-relief-drink-that-is-non-alcoholic, I still have to drive and do all these errands!!"...
*PICTURES OF EVENT TO COME SOON..I am sure you will be waiting with baited-breath....
*NOTE...And I would be a BIG-LIE-FACE if I didn't also say ..I LOVE EVERY MINUTE of getting my girls ready for dances, even if the STRESS almost kills me!!!!

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Kristina P. said...

Can't wait to see the pics! I was a loser in high school and didn't go to prom.

Oh, and I made a Thelma and Louise reference today too. Weird!