Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We are in the home-stretch!!! YES!!!!!

This girl is coming HOME....we are days away ...
and {drum-roll pleazzzze}...

I MADE IT without having a total nervous break-down or using my "little-friends" named"JACK" or pills that rhyme with ..Thalium..

I am SO NOT KIDDING...I need like 4 billion gold-stars, a crown, a poster put up in the halls of her college,(you know like student of the week), but "MOM of the YEAR" with all my accomplishments on the poster ...

I only called her 2 times per day,(OK, but texted her like 100)

I only said the words,RAPE and PILLAGE like 200 times instead of like 400, this needs to be said when your child is walking home from the library in the dark , night, I also used these words before every PROM, so she IS used to it....But her roommates were kinda traumatized by it...Sorry

I only cried every other day for the first month , then I actually made it to twice a month, But then I actually just used it as an excuse to GORGE on Mexican food once per week, ....What am I gonna use for an excuse now???

I am so going to put one of those HUGE cheese-ball posters on my garage...That says something kinda pathetic this...."DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER, EEEVAHHH, LEAVE your POOR mentally fragile MOM Again".....Well, at least until August..

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Lou Cinda said...

I can SO relate to this!! My precious first born son also was gone this last year to college and it ALMOST killed me!! I too, cried and worried and texted and called and warned and warned and warned again of killers and crazies and drunk drivers and anything else I thought might harm him in any way.

I ALSO have been counting the days until he is home again.....which is in two weeks!! I can almost sigh a BIG sigh of relief, cos' you know when they are with us, we can keep them safe!

Love your blog, found it today and I am now a follower!

Lou Cinda :)