Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What was the Highlight of the Day?

These are the words I say to each of my kids when they get home from school everyday..
Well, this week is" SOPHOMORE week" at Mal's school and with her being the SOPH-PRES. there are some way-totally-rad (yes, I just said RAD) stuff planned. She even designed T--SHIRTS for the Dance on Saturday,and YES, they are totally-RAD! So when I asked Mal "the question" after school I am expecting to hear something about the week she and her council have planned....BUT NO, we are talking about MAL ...She says, of-course with a straight-face, "My highlight today was circumcising was TOTALLY-RAD, (OK, she didn't say RAD..) but she did say, "IT was WAY-TIGHT"...(?????)...And then went into exact detail of the EVENT....I don't even know what to say back.... I, for one minute of my life, was SPEECHLESS...
Oh, the JOY of raising kids in a small town that has a high-school which provides farm animals with testicle removal ..
I just want to know one thing, Is she gonna get paid for her VET-SERVICES?
*EDIT..Wayne my "farm-boy-friend" just informed me you CAN'T circumcise a pig..You castrate a pig....GOSH, let's get technical???