Monday, May 4, 2009

PICS and more PICS...can't stop myself...Intervention will be needed soon

Click pics to make make bigger, if ya want to, if ya don't, ya don't have to, but if ya want to ...then do

This is what I am getting for my 4oth B-day(fingers-toes-crossed, I don't ask for much do I?... Hey, I wanted a 69' bitchin' convertible Camaro, but Hunka' can't find a reasonably priced one....SO, I guess I'll settle for this ,(HELL'S YA)!!!!!!)

Kids eating food pics...I LOVE them ...WHY? I don't know....I tell ya INTERVENTION....

D-RIV has a DIEGO-PASSION right will soon fade back into ..."D-WILL'S Tattoo's" (Utah Jazz Player)... so I need to capture this moment of innocence (LOL)!!

Pic from round' thee homestead.....Poor Rayce, we make him "Model" ....Hunka' is getting a little nervous...cuz' Rayce is getting so GOOD at it & kinda likes the attention( although he would NEVER admit it) ...LOL!!!


trash talk said...

Hell to the yeah...would that not be the greatest ride evah?
Love the pics...who knows, maybe modeling will support you in your senior years...never!

Missy said...

I have a Bronco in black! And, it has a dog box on the back! I have tagged you if you want to play along!

ramsam said...

Hey! I have a gray Bronco like that in my garage just begging for some attention....if you get yours, maybe my hubby will let me take out his, and we can go-a-cruisin together! (okay, that might not ever happen, but let's pretend!)

If you get this I am pretty sure my hubby will think you are the coolest.